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PHLweather: About us

Philadelphia Area Weather is a totally free, totally you weather site. We provide you with the weather information, and you make decisions to better fit your day and your planned week.

Started on March 9, 2001 by Bill Deger from Perkasie, PA., an amateur weather watcher. Bill follows daily weather patterns and monitors computer model data to produce the regions most in-depth forecast, updated 2 to 3 times daily.

We serve the Philadelphia region...including Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and the Eastern Shore in Northeast Maryland. We also produce forecasts for resort locations in the Pocono mountains and along the New Jerey shore.

We provide storm updates, links to great websites with valuable information, health and ourdoor forecasts...and your the player with Events Weather and the new Weather Team where you are part of the website.

If you have any comments, concerns or questions...we urge you to e-mail us at

Thank you for visiting PHLweather. We hope your visit is enjoyable and informative.