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Forecast definitions


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Forecasts: Forecast definitions

I. How to read our forecasts

Next-day planner

Next-Day Planner
Plan for the following day with the next day planner offering an hour-by-hour look at the weather conditions, expected
temperature and wind, as well as a brief summary.

2 Day forecast

2 Day Forecast
The forecast for the first four periods, or 48 hours. Includes a look at the forecast in graphic and description form, as well as high and low temperature. Below this is an in-depth look at expected conditions including the forecast wind (in gray), dewpoint (in dark green), cloud cover (in blue-gray), POP, or probability of precipitation and expected rainfall (both in green), as well as the forecasted snowfall (in light blue). Finally, a look at the wind chill (in purple) or the heat index (in maroon).

LHA = locally higher amounts. L = lower. M =  mid. U = upper.

3-8 day outlook

3-8 Day Outlook
PHLweather offers 8 days of weather with the outlook. It includes 6 days of forecasts with the weather
forecast in graphic form, and the high (in
red) and low (in blue) temperature.

Textual forecast

Textual Forecast
The forecast is also available in easy to understand text form for all of the 8 days with 12 periods included. The day is boldly
outlined (in
blue), then the forecast is offered including the
conditions, high or low temperature, and the chance of
precipitation (if it applies to the forecast).

II. Forecast definitions

Temperature / dewpoint / wind chill / heat index forecast

Low ... = *1 to *2
Low to mid ... = *3
Near = *4 or *9
Around = *5 or *0
Mid = *6
Mid to upper = *7
Upper = *8

Cloud cover forecast

00-09% = Sunny or clear.
10-23% = Mostly sunny or mostly clear.
24-29% = Partly to mostly sunny.
30-71% = Partly sunny or partly cloudy.
72-77% = Partly sunny/cloudy to mostly cloudy.
77-90% = Mostly cloudy.
91-100% = Cloudy or overcast.

If you have any questions about our forecast, e-mail us!
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