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Philadelphia Area Weather

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Interactivity: Send a weather report

During severe weather situations, we rely on reports from you. Everyone is a weather reporter. Send us a report now, calm or chaos.

Please be sure to include weather conditions and optional temperature, wind or precipitation/snowfall amount. All the reports we recieve will be relyed to the public within a few hours of recieval.

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Here at PHLweather, we like to recieve reports of severe weather to help our prediction. But if it gets really bad, and damage is involved, your report will be of better value to the National Weather Service. If you see a tornado or flooding, this service can issue warnings to help other people to safety. Please, do not send us reports that could be better used by a source of better power. Send it to the NWS which can help other people in extremely bad weather...

Click here to report severe weather to the National Weather Service
...make sure to meet this criteria