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Sunday, July 1, 2001

National Weather Service Advisories

1 Tornado warning:
5:39pm - Monmouth county, NJ.

19 Severe thunderstorm warnings:
1:09pm - Monroe county, PA.
1:20pm - Carbon county, PA.
1:26pm - Berks county, PA.
2:03pm - Lehigh and Berks county, PA.
2:44pm - Northampton and Bucks county, PA. Warren and Hunterdon county, NJ.
4:23pm - Morris and Hunterdon county, NJ.
4:35pm - Berks, Montgomery and Bucks county., PA.
4:53pm - Queen Anne's county, MD.
4:59pm - Somerset county, NJ.
5:02pm - Kent county, MD.
5:15pm - Chester, Montgomery and Bucks county, PA. Mercer and Middlesex county, NJ.
5:26pm - Monmouth county, N.J.
5:38pm - Caroline and Queen Anne's county, MD.
5:59pm - Burlington and Ocean county, NJ.
6:16pm - Kent county, DE.
6:21pm - Caroline county, MD.
6:31pm - Philadelphia county, PA.
6:33pm - Talbot county, MD.
7:00pm - Caroline county, MD.

3 severe thunderstorm watches:
12:00pm - #488 until 6:00pm
3:00pm - #491 until 9:00pm
4:30pm - #492 until 9:00pm (replaced parts of #488)

3 Special marine warnings:
5:46pm - Sandy Hook, NJ. to Fenwick Island, DE.
6:08pm - Delaware bay
7:39pm - Sandy Hook, NJ. to Fenwick Island, DE.

2 Non precipitation warnings:
4:55am - Heat warning and heat advisory.
- Heat warning and heat advisory.

3 Preliminary local storm reports:

Almanac and other measurements

Allentown, PA.
High: 85 at 12:24pm
Low: 57 at 11:59pm
Precipitation: 0.89"
Highest wind gust: 31 mph
Noteable weather: Thunderstorm

Philadelphia, PA.
High: 91
Low: 71
Precipitation: 0.31"
Highest wind gust: 32 mph
Noteable weather: Thunderstorm

Wilmington, DE.
High: 88 at 2:12pm
Low: 69 at 11:59pm
Precipitation: 0.03"
Highest wind gust: 35 mph
Noteable weather: Thunderstorm

Pomona/Atlantic City, NJ.
High: 90 at 3:46pm
Low: 70 at 7:47am
Precipitation: Trace
Highest wind gust: 30 mph
Noteable weather: Light rain

Weather summary
A hot, humid and unstable airmass remained in place across the region until a very powerful squall line associated with a strong cold front pushed through during the afternoon and evening hours.

Storm Reports

1 tornado report:
3:55pm - F1 tornado confirmed in Saylorsburg, Monroe county, PA. Nine mobile homes were damaged. Trees and wires down.

25 wind damage reports:
1:35pm - Trees and wires down in Hamburg, Berks county, PA.

2:10pm - Trees that were knocked down blocked a road in North Witehall township, Lehigh county, PA.

3:00pm - Trees down in the southern part of Warren county, NJ.

4:00pm - Trees and wires down in the Northern part of Somerset county with Peapack and Gladstone hardest hit.

4:15pm - Trees, polls and wires down closing roads in Hardyston township, Sussex county, NJ.

4:20pm - Trees and power lines knocked down. Debris caused numerous road closures in the southern part of Sussex county, NJ.

4:30pm - Trees and wires down across Warren county, NJ.

4:50pm - Wires down in Lebanon, Hunterdon county, N.J.

5:00pm - A few trees and wires down in Morris, Mendham and Dover townships in Morris county, NJ.

5:00pm - Trees and wires down across Hunterdon county, N.J.

5:12pm - A few trees and wires down blocked roads in Chestertown, Kent county, MD.

5:15pm - Trees and wires down across Bucks county, PA from 5:15pm through 6:00pm.

5:28pm - Trees down in East Brunswick, Middlesex county, NJ.

5:30pm - Trees and wires down in Fair Haven and Ocean township, Monmouth county, NJ.

5:55pm - Trees and wires down across Montgomery county, PA.

6:00pm - Trees and wires down in Centreville, Queen Anne's county, MD.

6:00pm - Few trees and wires down across Burlington county, NJ.

6:10pm - Trees down in Northeast Philadelphia.

6:15pm - Trees and wires down in Goldsboro and across the northern part of Caroline county, MD.

6:30pm - Trees and wires down in New Egypt, Plumstead township and Island Heights, Ocean county, NJ.

6:30pm - Trees and wires down in Harrington, Kent county, MD.

6:45pm - Trees down in south Philadelphia with a few dozen trees kocked down across the city from two thunderstorms.

6:45pm - Trees and wires down in Denton, Caroline county, MD.

4 hail reports:
3:15pm - 1.75" hail in Holland township, Hunterdon county, NJ.

3:47pm - 1.5" hail in Marlboro, Monmouth county, NJ.

4:05pm - 1" hail in Hazlet, Monmouth county, NJ.

5:30pm - 1.75" hail in Holmdel, Monmouth county, N.J.

3 other severe reports:
3:00pm - House hit by lightning in the southern part of Warren county, NJ.

4:30pm - Couple of homes struck by lightning in Warren county, NJ.

6:00pm - Power out for most of Centreville and the southern half of the county, including Kent Island, in Queen Anne's county, MD.