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PHLweather: Disclaimer

An Important Note from Philadelphia Area Weather

I. This website should not be used for live-saving decisions in severe weather situations. For emegency information, please tune to NOAA Weather Radio or local media outlets.

II. PHLweather links to many outside sources which provide valuable weather information. We do not endorse any of the sites we link to.

III. Please understand, some information on PHLweather may be missing or not available. If there are any missing or broken links, e-mail me.

Viewing Reccomendations:

To get the best out of PHLweather, you may adjust your computer to the following guidelines, if nessecary:

- 800x600 screen resolution
- 16bit or higher color
- Medium size text in Browser

PHLweather was designed for Microsoft Internet Explorer 5x on a Windows compatible system, but the site should work well on other browsers and platforms.

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If you are expriencing problems, e-mail me.

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