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PHLweather: Special annoucement

11/28/01: PHLweather now has a new Dell computer, @home internet access and the Weather Link software. Testing is currently being conducted, and live data will be online very soon.

September 26, 2001

Philadelphia Area Weather will soon be expanding our already featured-laden website. Coming soon will be two new excellent features. 1. We will be hooking up our VantagePro weather station for live weather to be transmitted to our website. 2. We will also install a weather webcam facing the north sky for you can watch the outdoor happenings. Both of these features will be available on our website as soon as we get connected to the Internet through a cable modem from Comcast@home high speed and "always on" Internet access.

Both the weather station and webcam will be located in PERKASIE, PENNSYLVANIA)

VantagePro Station

Hooking up our Weather Station

One of the new special features on our site will be a live feed from our brand new Davis VantagePro weather station. To learn more about our station, click here. As soon as we establish a cable Internet connection and buy some software and a data logger ($150), the station will be able to transmit data to the computer and our website. However, it should only be available between 6am and 10pm ET, of course when our computer is on.

Proposed Webcam View

Live Weather Webcam

Another new feature will be the installation of a webcam. The cam (model not decided yet) will be installed on the side of the building between 10 and 20 feet off the ground and will be facing the northern sky. The picture on the right will resemble the look of the cam on a clear day. It will be available online for live viewing anytime. Again, the cam will be available between 6am and 10pm ET for viewing and will of course be turned off at night due to the fact it will be dark and the computer will be off.

Other Information

These new features will also be associated with a new Dell computer expected to arrive via UPS on October 15th (PHLweather currently runs from a Dell Dimension desktop system). However, it may be as late as December or January of 2002 before we buy both the weather station software and the webcam. Please be patient!

If you have any other questions or would like to reccomend a nice weather-proof webcam (prefer under $200, new or used) please e-mail me at

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